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The Ozone
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Lady in Red Weekend at <a href="">The Ozone</a>

The Ozone will be having a Lady in Red free weekend for all members who arrive before 10:00Pm as a pre celebration for Valentines day.The party happens the weekend of Februar...

Black Tape night at <a href="">The Ozone</a>

Black tape night at The Ozone, February 28th, 2015. Depending on how creative the girls get, this could be fun. (although painful at the end of the night ;) If I ran thi...

Naked Sushi at The Ozone

The Ozone is having a Naked Sushi night (Nyotaimori ), Saturday June 6th 2015. These evening come only up every once in a while... so you should take advantage of it while ...

Alice in Wonderland themed night at <a href="">The Ozone</a>

The Ozone is hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed night on Friday November 11th, 2016....

Valentines in Niagara with The Ozone

Every year, the Ozone hosts their Valentines in Niagara swingers party. They claim it's the largest Canadian swingers event, so it's worth checking out. It sells out pretty ...