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House of Lancaster I
House of Lancaster II
2010 Dundas Street
219 Dundas Street
Bliss Gentlemens Lounge
Candy Land
Club 120
Dwarf Tossing
For Your Eyes Only
Golddiggers Adult Nightclub
House Of Lancaster
Jello Wrestling
Kevin Hart
Nine 0 Five Gentlemens Club
School Girls
Sexy Santa
Solid Gold London
Strip Club
Strip club
Strippers Gentlemens Club
The 905 Gentlemens Lounge
The Nine 0 Five Gentlemens Club
Whiskey A Go-Go

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Whiskey A Go-Go

If you live anywhere in the GTA, you have definitely heard their ubiquitous radio ads (Go-Go Go-Go): Whiskey A Go-Go certainly knows how to work the market.They are well kn...

Club 120

*Upate: Club 120 only has shemales on Thursdays now, and no longer offers private dances* The building below is going to look a little different. Club 120 bought out the ...

Bliss Gentlemen's Club

Formerly Charlie T's Open April 1, 2000 It might have to do with expecting a strip club to look a certain way, but when you are driving up finch ave, Bliss just doesn...

Blackjack at 905 Gentlemen's Lounge

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday The Nine 0 Five Gentlemens club is hosting an evening of blackjack. You can play blackjack for a chance to win free drinks and dances. ...

Midway Invader

Midway Invader is another example of what I think of as a 'local watering hole'. This seems derogatory whenever I say it, but it's not meant to be. I think of them like the ba...

Dwarf Tossing competition at Whiskey A Go-Go

Part II Looks like Whiskey is bringing back Tripod the Dwarf for another round of Dwarf tossing on March 21, 2013. Standing 4'6", and 95 Lbs, Tripod can't be the easi...

Tera Patrick at For Your Eyes Only

Bit of an older video, but it's new to me. Check out former Playboy & Penthouse star Tera Patrick performing after the all about sex show....

Jello Wrestling Party at Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge

Ever want to be the Judge at a Jello Wrestling Party featuring sexy strippers (Admit it... you have). Check out Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge Wednesday July 15th, 2015 for a chanc...

Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant at her bachelorette party

Spanish papers are reporting that a woman was forced to admit to an indiscretion at her hen party after giving birth to a baby with dwarfism. Apparently it's common to hire...

Kevin Hart and his Crew in Strip Club Melee while Waitress Stiffed

Actor Kevin Hart and his crew was involved in a melee at a Quebec strip club, where he broke someone's cell phone and stiffed his waitress. On the weekend of October 17th K...

Wild Wild West at 905 Gentlemen's Lounge

On November 23 The 905 Gentlemen's Lounge is bringing in a mechanical bull for your pleasure. While I'm not so into riding the bull myself, I can't help thinking how sexy the...

Candyland: The world of sweets at <a href="full.php?id=398">905 Gentlemens Club</a>

Conceptually I know that pretty much anything hot girls do is going to be interesting to me, but I can't help but get excited about these promotions. Next up - Candyland:Th...

Toronto Christmas Erotica Meet Greet The Girls at <a href="full.php?id=272">House Of Lancaster</a>

On Monday December 15th, 2015 @ 9:00 pm House Of Lancaster will be hosting a 'Meet the Girls' night for all people in the erotic industry: We are having an industry Meet a...

The naughty school girl party at Nine-0-Five

The Nine-0-Five Gentleman's club is having a Naughty schoolGirl party March 4th - 12th. I love the 905, but it's a little far from the west end to hit on a regular basis, b...

Sexy Holiday party at House of Lancaster I and II

The House of Lancaster will be hosting a sexy themed christmas party Friday December 23rd, 2016. Looks like the girls will be decked out as sexy little Santa Helpers... is it ...

Golddiggers Adult Nightclub


Solid Gold London

Solid Gold in London....

Strippers Gentlemens Club

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