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Help us improve Toronto The Naughty

While our philosophy of 'Reviewing the world... one booty at a time' is really (Really) fun, it's also time consuming and very expensive.

If you want to help us out, there are a couple of things you can do:

1) Go register at chaturbate for a FREE profile using this link: Chaturbate. It's actually a great system, and we get a dollar for everyone who signs up.... which really helps. You never need to give a credit card, or even an email address.

2) Go out and have fun at one of the locations we have listed that don't have a review. Write it up, and post it under the comments. If you do a good job, we will bump it to the 'official' review.

3) If you enjoy it around here, write up a couple articles, then Email Chechire about the possibility of claiming a city. Once you have claimed a city, you will get a portion of whatever money is generated in that city, in exchange for reviewing and posting articles.

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