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Dominantly Delicious

Dominantly Delicious BDSM Chocolates has debuted in North America is quickly becoming the hottest trend in adult novelty chocolates. The candy makers at Sexy Chocolate Store and the Canadian-based Dominatrix Lady Azelle, have joined forces and are raising the bar with a tasty experience unlike any other.

The sweet seduction of milk chocolate and the allure of a world famous Dominatrix is the appeal behind the newest and most delicious treat in the world of BDSM. Dominantly Delicious items are not mere imitations of Lady Azelle but are the exact replications of her lips and peep toes shoes in 100% milk chocolate. The line has launched with these two products, with a third in the works which will be here just in time for the holidays.

Co-creator of Dominantly Delicious and owner of Sexy Chocolate Store Dominic Zaccagnini, "As soon as we began handcrafting chocolate novelties it was also a goal to create a more intimate experience through our products. Replicating one of the most beautiful professional and lifestyle Dommes in the world was a unique opportunity and Lady Azelle was the perfect choice to be the First Lady of this endeavor."

Sexy Chocolate Store began providing adult novelty chocolates in 2013. They soon made a name for themselves and had their items carried in Hot Stuff in Long Beach, CA and were the exclusive suppliers for the "50 Shades of Pink" promotion for VIP Bachelorette in Chicago.
Lady Azelle started her journey as a professional dominatrix in 2012, when she ended her career in social work and began expanding her life-long passion for the art and craft of BDSM. She exudes a level of professionalism and elegance and takes great satisfaction in offering an authentic FemDom experience.

Dominic Zaccagnini added, "We will always take great pride in our chocolate novelties. Each and every one is handmade and uses only 100% milk chocolate. And, as with anything about Lady Azelle, it can be nothing less than the best."

Dominantly Yours

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