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The Nine-0-Five Gentlemen's Club

Palace East to The Secret East to The NINE-0-Five Gentlemen's Club (Open Oct 25th 2013)

The Nine-O-Five Gentlemen's club is not the best club in the world.
But a this point in my life, they are probably as close as I'm going to get.

I can't point to one specific thing I loved, but it seems like an overall attention to detail that make the experience such a pleasure. From the wood panelled walls, to the three go-go booths where the servers dance, to a spinning dancer pole (that kind of threw me for a loop! I though I was watching the most talented stripper in the world slowly revolving non stop around the pole before I figured it out).

I've had a bit of a epiphany in my life the last couple of years...

While we are by no means rich, we have hit a point in life where we have a couple extra bucks, and I have noticed what a difference it can make if you spend it right. It's amazing how a $5.00 cover charge will keep all the younger 'drink till you puke' type crowd away.

No more puke in the toilets, stained underwear discarded between stalls, or used condoms by the sinks.... While up to now it has been me doing the puking, now that I'm a little older, it doesn't seem so much fun.

When you first enter the club, you are hit up for a $5.00 entrance fee. The doorman then told me I should get my first drink at a side bar before finding a seat. (Although it didn't seem more expensive... a Canadian ran $7.00, which is about typical.)

Once I grabbed a seat, and had a chance to look around, I really enjoyed the place. The general crowd is a bit older than a lot of the other clubs in Toronto. Most people were between 30 - 40, and overall seemed a professional bunch.

The main stage has 2 poles, plus hand bars in middle of the two, although I didn't see any girls use them while I was there.

The waitresses are all super hot and friendly, and it seemed like there was a bunch of them wandering around.

The Nine-O-Five Gentlemen's LoungeOn to the important part! I know I get a lot of flack for the type's of girls I like, but I'll bet the 905 would be able to satisfy us all. Curvy to buffed out beauties, chocolate brown and orientals, they have them all. My absolute favourite had to be an oriental Miley Cyrus type with the coolest tattoo's. BIG FAN! (I think this is a picture of her)

So, is it going in the regular rotation? Probably not weekly (I live in the west side of Toronto), but it will definitely have a sweet spot in my heart. If friends come in from out of town, or we have a bachelor party, this is the place you'll find me!

Oh yeah, and the cherry on the cake was there is no bathroom guy demanding money to let me pee! (OK, OK, so I'm still a little cheap ;)

Nine 0 Five Gentlemen's Club

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The Nine-0-Five Gentlemen's Club
947 Dillingham Road
(905) 420-2595

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