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Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge (Closed)

Just a reminder that Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge is closed, so do not bother looking for it. When it was open it was a located in Toronto, Ontario.

Formerly Charlie T's

Bliss Gentlemens Lounge EntranceOpen April 1, 2000

It might have to do with expecting a strip club to look a certain way, but when you are driving up finch ave, Bliss just doesn't seem to be where it it supposed to be. I drive past it about 3 times, and was about to give up and report it as closed... took a few months before I got my ass back over there and found it.

Bliss Gentlemen's Club Entrance

Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge
1111 Finch Avenue West
(416) 665-4600
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Keywords: Strip Club | Bliss Gentlemen's Lounge | Toronto | Ontario | Closed

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