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Tuesday Events:


Menage a Quatre (M4)

Ok, I must admit that I LOVE finding these little jewels. I went looking for this location three times before I actually found it... although I should have paid a little more attention to the website, as it clearly states: "The doors to the club are unmarked and there is no signage for the club."Menage A Quatre

If you peek inside the window (right below the N in TOTN) you can see stairs going down to another set of double doors, with the club name marked inside.

Inside there is a small table with an attendant who collects your money and explains what the club is about. You fill in a form to join the club, and are given a card to prove you paid your yearly fee. ($50.00 including entrance when I went).


I must admit I was a little concerned when the form stated you must provide valid id to be come a member (especially since I was attending on a Tuesday!), but I was never asked for any, and my membership card doesn't contain any personal information. (Ok, Ok, I admit it, I gave a false name...Who's going to believe it's Chechire anyways)

Because it was my first time, I got a quick tour of the place and an explanation of the rules by a friendly cute curvy woman which I really enjoyed.

Some rules are basic and common sense - always ask before you touch someone, if a door is closed, respect peoples privacy.

Some rules are an etiquette thing ...Don't stand in an open doorway and stare into the rooms as people are having sex.

And some rules seem to be developing as the club ages (If a red light in on in a certain room it means they are looking for people to join in the action.)

When you first get the tour the place seems like huge warren of interconnected rooms , and easy to get lost in(I think they have the whole plaza basement)... don't worry it's basically laid out in a large circle... you'll never get lost.

Just off the entrance there is a bar with a dance floor and 2 strategically placed stripper poles. Right next to the dance floor is a bunch of couches, chairs and tables spread around so you can get to know someone a little better if you want.

If you follow the room around it leads to the bathroom, showers and change room (all unisex). Next is a series of small play rooms, some with doors, and some with thin transparent red veils (This is where you are not supposed to stand around and watch ...I must admit I was captivated at one point, and dawdled a little too long. The hostess simply gave me a friendly reminder that this was frowned upon).

Each room has a small bed on the floor, and some chairs incase you get invited to watch. There is a sex swing in the hall, along with a small cage if that is your thing.

There are 2 other main rooms, one a more intimate one, and a larger room with another bar available. There is a St Andrews Cross in the room, (plus other BDSM equipment spread throughout the place, and a screen playing hard core porn.)

While the layout of the place was fun to explore, what was amazing to me was the overall level of acceptance and tolerance of the people there.

I have a feeling each night will have it's own ambiance and feel, so I'll do them individually. First up: T-girl Tuesdays:

Fetish Tuesdays at Club 4MT-Girl TuesdaysFetish Tuesdays at Club 4M


M4 is almost right across the street from Klub Kave. If either is dead, you can always check out the other.

Menage a Quatre

2814 Lakeshore Blvd West
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 430-7975

Club M4
2814 Lake Shore Boulevard West
(647) 430-7975
Map | Take Me

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