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Billed as Toronto's sexiest party, Sexapalooza is being held from Feb 27th - March 1, 2015 at the International Center in Mississauga

The majority of the show show consists of large room with small individual booth showcasing vendors products. Everything from sexy art, to dildo's, cock rings, porn- really anything to do with the sex industry. I was surprised at how dim they kept the lighting, with each individual vendor lighting their particular product.

There are also 4 separate display area's highlighting different areas of interest:

Sexapalooza Pony GirlThe Stage. The stage was where they showcased different fetishes and fashions. While we didn't catch a lot of this, we did get to catch a pony photo shoot.

The Museum: The museum reminded me of the old school science fairs, where people would put information on large bristol boards and post them for others to read. they had some neat information, but I wouldn't really call it a museum.

The Dungeon: The Dungeon was cool, but not what I was expecting. It was basically a bunch of people showing off their different kinks. They had a Saint Andrews Cross, where you could get whipped, a guy who would warp you up in saran wrap, and I believe a guy who would insert needles into you.

The Seminars: The seminars were a cool idea. The would have different people come and present information from their chosen field. I sat in on a burlesque dancers explaining how she felt about the art.

The Instructional movies: While this might seem like a good idea, in reality it just felt like I was sitting around with a bunch of people watching porn. They were taking about different sexual positions, and started demonstrating how to 69. It was weird.

Sexapalooza Glass DildoThere were a lot of really cool products being offered at Sexapalooza. Some of my favorites were: Glass dilettos, a version of a male chastity belt and a crazy assortment of costumes.

Sexapalooza Male cock cage

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