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Baroness V

The Office (Closed)

Extravaganza to Kitty Katz Lounge to Panties Gentlemens Club to Whiskey A Go-Go West to Diva's Lounge, Last seen as The Office (Closed)

I'm going to hold off on a formal review for The Office. They just opened December 4th, and it doesn't seem like they have found their groove yet. From their first advertisement, it seems like they are shooting for a younger dance club, or urban crowd (with Twerk it Tuesdays), but in the club it was an eclectic mix.

The OfficeI arrived at The Office kind of late, and as I walked in they were blasting some hard metal... A very good start, but not what I was expecting.

We sat staring at an empty stage for 2 songs. I initially though the night was winding down and i had missed the fun.

The club itself has a bit of a warehouse feel to it, like they started with a warehouse painted black, and added a bunch of cool stuff... but you still see the underpinnings. They do boast a catwalk style stage jutting into the room and a cozy lounge style space for a more intimate experience, that still has a great view of the stage. To the back of the club is a separate VIP room.

They also have an great mezzanine running across the ceiling, with a spiral staircase descending to the stage that the dancers use to make a grand entrance.

The clientele of The Office is a strange mix. I have a feeling there is a hold over from it's past iteration, as there were some blue collar worker types killing a few hours.

After the initial 2 metal songs, they switched to Hip Hop for the rest of the night, with Deeara taking the stage. Deeara has that individualistic 'something' that I find absolutely fascinating in a dancer. She is a tall and gorgeous, with rippling ab muscles and a badonkadonk ass, but my favorite thing about her are the series of tattoo's she has. She has one that starts at her knuckles, and covers her hands and forearms, plus a huge back tattoo, and a crown where she would have pubic hair.

From her dancing, she seemed like a veteran stripper... having all the moves down. I was enraptured!

The Office will exchange Canadian for USD if you want, so you can 'make it rain' on the dancers. It's a fun little custom and brought a certain newness to the experience, as I have never seen this before. (I can see why it never caught on here though... Trying that with $5.00 bills would be crazy expensive, and doing it with loonies would be painful!)

It seems like the club invested a lot of money into their laser system. There is a constant pattern of stars and squiggles dancing around the whole room that looks quite nice. In theory it's probably a good idea to have that many lasers, but in practice they are constantly hitting you in the eyes. I'll bet they tone it down in the next couple of months though.

The entire time I was enjoying the floor shows, only one girl come over to ask if i wanted a dance (Deeara). I only saw about 5 girls that night, but it was late. Even so, if this is standard, it would make a great place to catch up with an old friend over a couple of beers.

The only other girl to hit the stage was a cute girl in a blue bikini. She picked a different type of music entirely for her 3 songs. She had that super cute/innocent look I love. Like the girl next door you had a crush on growing up. When she took her top off, she had these gravity defying natural boobies that drove me crazy... nice sized but she could hang up side down, and you wouldn't know the difference.

She did seem kind of new to the business, as she had a little trouble slipping off her undies during her dance, although I will cut her some slack, it's probably a learned skill to smoothly remove your underwear while wearing high heels...

The Bottom Line: while The Office hasn't quite found it's groove yet, but as long as they keep supplying these unique types of girls, I'll be happy to fit them into my schedule.

The Office

26 Melanie Drive
Brampton, ON
(905) 458-8636

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