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Tgirl Tuesdays @ M4

Free Wings with 2nd beer @ Bliss

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Baroness V

The New Fairbank Hotel (Closed)

Open May 29, 1987 Closed May 2013

Fairbanks Hotel Gentlemens ClubLike Hamilton Strip, and Cannonball Cabaret in Mississauga, Fairbanks Hotel Gentlemen's club is truly a working man's strip club.

Metal detectors at the door, kind of a dank interior, and situated in kind of a rough area of town, this is my kind of club! The only marks they loose are from changing it from their previous format.





What is was like:
All the girls were imported from asian countries (Thailand, the Philippines etc). While most of them had some broken english, it was not really needed.

There was a guy in a tuxedo who would come around with a menu. You would go through the girls, and pick the one you wanted, and he would take your money. In exchange he would give you one poker chip per dance.

The next song, your dancer would come over and immediately hop on your lap and start grinding away for however many songs you purchased. (This was before you were allowed to touch at all, and was REALLY nice for the time).

They did such a good job, that my buddy used to consistently finish in his pants by the end of his dances.

I have hear from friends, that if you had some real cash, you could get the girls to come up to the hotel part of the club with you, but I had no personal experience with that. (not because I personally objected to it, but because I have never had any real money to throw around!)


The New Fairbank Hotel

2418 Dufferin Street
Toronto, On
(416) 781-9317

Private Lap Dance: $10.00
Free entrance to VIP area.