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No more work permits for workers linked to sex trade

Canada's immigration minister Jason Kennedy has announced that Canada will no longer accept temporary foreign working visas from strip clubs, escort agencies or body rub parlous.

It is the federal governments latest attempt to combat Human trafficking. Young women are lured from poorer countries with the promise of well paying jobs, only to find they are not here to nanny, or simply strip, but sold into sexual slavery. These girls often have their passports taken from them, and are threatened with harm to their families living overseas.

I love the fact that Toronto is such a multicultural city, and that we have a huge wealth of different races and nationalities. Unfortunately, we also have some of the big time problems associated with being such a big city. There is nothing 'naughty' about human trafficing...it's criminal activity, and we will not support any aspect of it here at Toronto The Naughty.

Walk with me is an organization created by a trafficking survivor. It is geared towards working with police services to help other trafficking victims and survivors.

If you know of someone who is in need of emergency victim care:

(647) 838-6673

Non emergency contact is: victim care@walk-with-me.org