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Tuesday Events:

Tgirl Tuesdays @ M4

Free Wings with 2nd beer @ Bliss

Kitty Nights Burlesque @ Cherry Cola





Baroness V


Toronto The Naughty News Service

The naughty, just the naughty, and nothing but the naughty in Toronto

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Montreal teacher, 73, loses job over film nudity more than 40 years ago

A 73 year old teacher recently lost her job over appearing in an adult video over 40 years ago. The movie was found on the internet by some students from the Jesuit founded school.

If the school had asked her to sign some kind of document that stated she had not been involved with anything that would discredit the school, most people would be a little surprised to find I would support the school.

It's a fairly high class institution (with both Pierre and Justin Trudeau attending). In my mind, I have no problem supporting a woman's right to choose (whatever she want's), and an institutions to uphold a moral code of values.

There has been widespread criticism in Quebec, calling it a case of retroactive shaming.

OK, admit it... you want to see the movie!

Read More... (Oh yes I did!)


No more lap dances / private booths at Club 120

Just got a heads up from the guys at Club 120. The city pointed out that club120 is not licensed as a strip club, and therefore is not able to have strippers / lap dancing or private booths.

Going forward, they will still be having their famous T-girl Thursdays, but it's going to be more of a laid back meet and greet / club atmosphere.

I must say I'm very disappointed. While I do love the T-girls (REALLY love them...), I'm not ready to start a relationship right now... any more than I'm interested in hitting a strip club to date some strippers. I just want a nice warm bum in my lap, and some boobies in my hands.

Ah well... looks like it's the end of an era. If you never got to head on down to Club 120, you don't know what you missed!

I'll keep you posted.

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Terri-Jean Bedfords open letter to Premier

Check out Terri-Jean Bedford's latest blog post, where she writes an open letter to our Ontario Premier.

I don't image Kathleen is going to want to voluntarily step into this shit storm, but we can all keep our fingers crossed.


Now Magazine to defy prostitution bill

Now Magazine recetly stated that they would be defying bill C-36. Among many other things, it states that it is illegal to run ads for prostitutes, or sexual services. (if you notices, I have removed the escorts section on this site...).

You have to figure with hefty fines and even jail time on the line, Now magazine must have run the numbers and figured out they will not survive without those ads, and are rolling the dice the government will not single them out.

It seems a little strange they would call attention to themselves by agreeing to be interviewed on CBC...


19 hospitalized at Midwest Furfest.

19 people were taken to hospital and thousands were evacuated from a hotel when a cup of chlorine was left in an empty stairwell hosting the Midwest Furfest convention.

Furfest is a group devoted to people who enjoy anthropomorphizing animals, often dressing in elaborate animal suits and acting out their characters persona.

Furfest Banner

Because the cup seemed to be left in the stairwell on purpose, it has been referred to the local authorities, who are treating it as a crime.

If you are into Furries, Check out our Social Network, which has a Furries Fetish page, where you can connect with other local GTA Furries, (Or any other fetish).


Injectable Contraception for Men

Ladies: Before you get your hopes up too much, you are going to be convincing your guys to get a needle in the junk. Just saying, your probably going to have to do something extreme, like giving up the butt for this one.

Vasalgel is a chemical that is injected into the vas deferens, and prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years.

Parsemus Foundation is currently testing Vasalgel on moneys and has successfully prevented pregnancy in apes. (I would hate to be the guy injecting ape testes). Now they just have to prove it's reversible.

Limited human trials planned for early 2015, and if all goes well, they are hoping to bring it to market in 2016 or 2017.


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Jian Ghomeshi fired by CBC for his interested in BDSM

After 14 years of building his show Q into one of the top rated shows on radio, the CBC has decided to fire Jian Ghomeshi for  sexual behavior unbecoming a prominent CBC host.

Basically, Jian enjoys BDSM, and has been accused of being rough with the ladies in the bedroom.

Early last summer a Star reporter tried to dig into his history, and found some women willing to tell their story, but none would talk 'on the record', or file police complaints.

After Jian was fired, he responded with a Facebook Post with his side of the story.

It's amazing how vehemently people are when they discuss these things online. Right now, it's basically a he said / she said story with no real proof of anything. We are going to have to wait and see how this works out in the courts (Jian has a $55 million dollar lawsuit pending).

The big take away of this story is how your kinks can affect your 'real' life. Always take the time to communicate with partners, so they know what they are getting in to.

Here is an interesting fact that came up: The supreme court has ruled a person cannot consent to an assault that causes them bodily harm. If you injure the person your are playing with, you can be charged... even if they agreed to it.

Consent is also ongoing. If someone agrees to a scene, and changes their mind half way through, they have the right to stop... even if they agreed to the whole scene.

Remember: Play Safe.

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Orgasims reduce prostate cancer by 1/3

Kinda... Here is a link to an article that discusses the health benefits of having orgasms.

To quote the article:

A pair of studies conducted independent of each other in 2003 and 2004 found that in middle aged men who were sexually active from their early 20’s through their late 40’s (sexually active defined as averaging 4 orgasms per week), the risk of prostate cancer was reduced by as much as 1/3 over men who ejaculated less. Any way you slice, cutting your risk of prostate cancer by that significant a number is a big deal and good reason to have more sex. 

So, get out there and do your part to fight prostate cancer... whether you are spanking one out, visiting your local Massage Parlour, or being intimate with your partner, it's all good.

Full Article...


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Grandparents help Porn Star Nikki Benz become the next Mayor of Toronto



Here is TOTN'S contribution to a quick mayoral update:

Even though Nikki Benz decided NOT to reapply for the mayoral balot when her expired license was not accepted, she is still out there Rocking the Vote... kinda.

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Toronto Zombie Run Cancelled

Zombie Run

The Toronto Zombie Run was cancelled. I remember there was a bit of a controversy when people tried to take it from a fun zombie walk, to a way to make some money. (even if it was for charity).

It's always hard to gauge stuff like this... So many charities are in the 'business' of making money just to stay in business and pay themselves, with almost no money going into the actual charity. (not saying that's what going on here... just my though process on supporting stuff like this).

Check out their website for info: undeadunleashed.com


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18 women rescued in Canada-wide human-trafficking investigation

After months of investigation, 18 women have been rescued from being forced to work in the sex trade again's their will.

Nine people face 33 charges ranging from forcible confinement, making and distributing child porn, and assault (among other charges).

The article seems to imply the victims were recent immigrants.. which seems to be the case more and more. Girls are being imported from Russia, China and (to a lesser extent) South America to fill our brothels, strip clubs, and massage parlours.

Full Story


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Vogue votes part of queen street 2nd coolest neighborhood in World!

Ok, not that naughty, but something to be proud of... Vogue has rated Queen Street West as the second coolest neighbourhood in the world.

They list things like hidden from view art galleries, the Drake, The Gladstone and grafiti alley as some of the reasons it made second place.


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Sex, Fame and Murder. The Luka Magnotta Story.

Magnotta MovieLet's be clear, it's not Naughty to kill someone, dismember them and mail them to the PM and members of parliament.

What is naughty is our human curiosity that drives us to try to find out all the gruesome details about the case... (up to the point of endangering the case against him!)

Sex, Fame and Murder, The Luka Magnotta story is set to be released in 50 other countries, but because of a publication ban was recently removed from the Montreal World Film Festival.

Luka's trial was set to begin September 8th, but after seeing some of the video evidence presented, Luka collapsed, and needed to be removed from the court.

I find it particularly absurd that the director Naomi Hiltz not only asserts that her film will not jeopardize Magnott's right to a fair trial, but claims her right to free speech was violated when the Montreal police seized a copy of her documentary.

The film will show in Canada once the publication ban is lifted (probably after the trial). Any Canadian who downloads the movie would be considered in contempt of court...

Wanna see the trailer?



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Rob Ford Tell all book on the way...

Mark Towhey, chief of staff for Rob Ford (until he was fired) is releasing a tell all book about his time with the Mayor SIX days before the election.

Now, I'm sure he had good cause to stand up to Rob, which led to his dismissal, but this really seems like a bit of an underhanded blow. Everyone reading the book will have it very fresh in their minds as they are voting... Although I must admit I'm going to get it. I am guessing he has been REALLY naughty ;)

In recent news, we will have to wait to see if Mayor Ford even ends up running again. He was recently admitted to hospital for a tumor. We will find out tomorrow, which is the last day to add or remove your name from the ballot.


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Terri-Jean Bedford threatens politicians

Terri-Jean Bedford was escorted out of the Senate Committee for going over her allotted time when answering questions, but the biggest news was her comment on the way out: If this law passes, I'm going to make you guys forget about Mike Duffy, because I got more information and proof on politicians in this country than you can shake a stick at. I promise.

I never really though of it from this angle before, but the girls always have the nuclear option of spilling the beans on their sanctimonious bible thumping, God fearing conservative customers. I almost got a hard on thinking about it!

I find it very satisfying that some of them are sweating their balls off over this... maybe having their marriages and careers ruined would cause some of them to rethink their stance on the subject.


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Rob Ford gets visit from Mike Tyson

For some reason Rob Ford seems to think it's a good idea to get the 'cream of the crap' of the star world to endorse him.

The latest one is the convicted rapist, woman abuser and attempted cannibal Mike Tyson.

Past supporters have included Ben Johnson, the disgraced Olympic sprinter who was stripped of his 1988 gold medal for taking enhancing drugs, then received a lifetime ban for doing it AGAIN in 1993.

Another supporter is Sam Tarasco, an actor from Trailer Park Boys, who only plays hard ass jerk on the show, but still...not the classiest of shows).

Later on, Mike shows what a truly classy guy he is by calling a interviewer a piece of shit, then telling him to fuck off. (see video after the link)


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Toronto voted 4th most livable city in world

Toronto has been voted the 4th most livable city byThe Economic Intelligence Unit. While they don't take the cost of living into account, they do rank us on healthcare, infrastructure, education as well as our murder rate (Among other things).

The only Canadian city to beat us was Vancouver, while Melbourn Australia came in first.

Just to put this into some kind of context, not one American city made the top ten...so while New York and L.A. may be great cities, they are not considered that liveable.

CNN Article

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Snow throws his support behind Rob Ford

Ok, not exactly naughty, but just the kind of news I love, Snow has let it be known that he will be suporting Rob Ford in the next election:



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Apple uses a teen singing about BBC in it's latest commercial.

I wrote this a while back, but it seems to have gotten lost in the interweb...

In Apple's latest commercial, they have an (underage?) teenaged girl belting out the tune Gigantic by the Pixie's, which is about a Big Black Cock.


I find it amusing that anyone could think this was simply an oversight on the company's part, and not a cynical online marketing ploy to generate some extra internet buzz.

Everything to do with Apple would have to be carefully researched out the wazoo before anything was released to the public.... these are some of the smartest people on the planet.



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Nikki Benz running for Toronto Mayor

Nikki Benz is running for Mayor of Toronto! While I am a big fan of Rob, I must admit, nothing could put a bigger smile on my face than if we elected a porn star as our Mayor, especially when our current mayor is on a little vacation for his crack and alcohol problems.

The internet news is all a buzz over this story, especially since they get to think of some pun to do with her 'screwing' up her registration.

Nikki BenzNikki Benz






You can bet if you see me at the polls, I'll be the one with a huge shit eating grin on my face.

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New sex laws unveiled by government.

UPDATE: I find it amusing that the government has stated they are confident their new laws will pass any legal challenges, BUT will NOT refer it to the Supreme court for clarification.

The government finally unveiled it's new proposed prostitution laws, six months after the supreme court's ruled the old one's were unconstitutional.

The new laws are referred to as a 'made in Canada' approach, but follow a 'Nordic Model' which goes after the johns, the girls pimps, and even places they choose to advertise their services (there will be some BIG changes around here soon ;)

These new laws are going to change the relaxed attitude we have had up to now. I'm all for getting teen aged girls off the streets, but TOTN has always tried to support Sex Workers who choose to be in the trade. These new laws will put the girls in more danger, not less (which was the point of the Supreme court decision!)

The new laws include jail time of up to FIVE years in jail, and fines up to $5000. If the girl happens to be underage, you are looking at 10 years in jail, and up to $10,000 in fines.

I'm fairly certain these laws will be struck down by the courts as soon as they hear them, but it will take a few years to work their way up to the supreme court, plus another year for them to decide. In the mean time, these draconian measures stay on the books.

This is going to destroy a LOT of families.

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Hell hath no fury like ...



Tell the truth, as you watch the above video, it seems to be a reasonable depiction of reality.


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Taboo for sale again?

Taboo Strip ClubIt looks like Taboo is for sale again. Anyone interested in getting a kickstarter going to purchase this club?

This club seems to have problems attracting the right clientele to keep it viable, but I'm sure we can turn it around...

*** OK, to be completely up front, I have had a couple of beers.... and what red blooded guy hasn't though how cool it would be to run a strip club! *****

Here is the listing for Taboo. They are asking $279,000.00, which seems really low. I can buy a strip club for less than I paid for my house?

(ok, ok, after the inevitable divorce when I ask my wife to sell the house to buy a strip club, it would be double that), but even so, it seems low.

I'll kick in the first $1000.00, who is with me? Free dances for anyone who invests!


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Are you a woman who works in a sex-related industry? They need your help.

Sex Workers neededSEX/WORK is a photography-based portrait project that seeks to explore the humanity and struggle for identity of female-identified sex workers in Ontario. In a series of simple but highly detailed and emotionally powerful portraits, sex workers are depicted twice, in side-by-side images: once with the typical signifiers of sexual availability (elaborately glamorous makeup and hair), and once deprived of those signifiers. In both close-up images the subject makes eye contact with the viewer, challenging the viewer to confront their objectification of the subject, their own sexual desire, and the subject’s ultimate, and profoundly obvious humanity.

If you are interested in participating (or just want to learn more), check out their website.


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Holy Crap! I just found my Unicorn!

My greatest joy in life is exporing all the different types of women the world has to offer. Skinny girls, fat girls, black, white, European, Asian, tall or short, I love playing with them all.

While I have gotten to explore most of my fantasies, for some reason I have never had a chance to hook up with an Indian girl.... and to make matters worse, I have never found one stripping, or at a massage parlour... UNTIL NOW!

Mya from Adam and Eve Spa is an amazingley hot, curvy, smooth, chocolate brown beauty. I'm really looking forward to a visit.


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Happy 60th Birthday Playboy!

Playboy's 60th anniversary is coming up in the January/February issue, and will feature super model Kate Moss on the cover plus an interview with Ben Affleck and an article titled Sex: A very oral report.

The first issue was created by Hugh Hefner in his chicago apartment and featured Narilyn Monroe on the cover and sold over 51,000 copies.

Hugh used $800 of his own money, and $8000.00 of raised capital to start playboy, which is now estimated to be worth half a billion dollars. Hughs personal fortune is valued around $43 million. (Down from a high of $200 million).

While Pamela Anderson hold the title for most covers at a whopping 13 appearances, there have been many stars in Playboy including: Jenny McCarthy, Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith,Shannen Doherty, Cindy Crawford, Bo Derek and Elle Macpherson.

Happy 60th Playboy.


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Porn Star Nikki Benz at Whiskey a Go-Go

Nikki Benz

Porn superstar Nikki Benz will be appearing at Whiskey a Go-Go from November 14 to November 16, 2013.

Nikki has been Penthouse 'Pet of the year'(with 7 covers under her belt), starred in over 200 adult movies and has been an VN nominee. She was even in a (Real) movie with Mark Wahlberg and The Rock- Pain & Gain.



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Club Pro - Good girls gone badGood Girls Gone Bad at Club Pro

Club Pro is hosting another Amateur night on Thursday, September 26th, 2013.

Top prize is $1000.00, and from what I heard, the first one was amazing. I'm a little embarrased to admit I missed it on August 22nd, but I'll be in the front row for this one!

Club Pro

170 Doughton Rd
Concord On.
(905) 669-6422

Remember, if it's exceptionally busy, check out the extra Parking at the lot next door.


Check out our Club Pro page for details.


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NFL GAme Day Sundays at The Landing Strip

NFL Game Days - Landing StripStarting September 8th, The Landing Strip is hosting NFL Game day Sundays.

Door open at 4:00Pm, and they have a $25.00 special on a bucket of beer and wings.

If your a football fan, this will be a good place to be!

Club INFO after link...









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Luscious Thursdays at House of Lancaster

Lucious Thursdays at House of Lancaster

House of Lancaster is offering something called Lucisous Thursdays, which seems to be come kind of dance night.



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Tarantino Tease Volume 1

The guys and gals at The Underground Peepshow are at it again, with another cool themed night of burlesque.

This time up they are celebrating the movies of Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill etc).

Whether you are into old style Burlesque, campy tongue in cheek performances or event the work of Quentin Tarantino, you are sure to have a great time.

Ticket are $20.0 in advance or $25.00 at the door.





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Menage A Quatre AnniversaryMenage A Quatre 5 Year Anniversary

Menage a Quatre is having it's 5 year anniversary on Saturday June 8th, 2013.

The theme of the night is 'Little Black Dress'. I LOVE when the clubs do these theme nights: Micro Mini dresses, see through tops, Bare as you dare... it's all great!




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What's up with Oriental massage parlours?

Ever notice that Oriental massage parlours have some of the most beautiful women in the world showcased at their establishments?

Ever notice that the pictures of these girls include world class photography... something you would expect to see in a high class magazine or beer ad?

Are we the luckiest city in the universe? (Well, ok I DO think we are but...)



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A Taste Of Vanilla (Night of the Newbies)

Ever want to check out what a swingers party is actually like? (yup... me too!)

A Taste Of VanillaWell here is our chance. Kimmi's Party is having an workshop for everyone new to the swinging scene.

Come on by for 8:00PM, and check the place out, ask any questions you might have and sit in for the workshop. See first hand what the lifestyle is actually like.

If you like what you see, hang out for 10:00PM when the real party begins.

It`s BYOB, so if you need a couple of beers or a glass of wine to loosen up, remember to bring some along.



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The Manor (Hot Docs Movie)

For it's 20th year, Hot Docs is opening with the Guelph strip club tale called The Manor.

It's the first feature length documentary for Shawney Cohen about his families struggles with sex, drugs and family feuds after his parents bought a strip club/hotel 30 years ago.

Shawney's father is 400 lbs, and preparing to undergo stomach reduction surgery. His 85 lb mother refuses to admit she has an eating disorder, and his younger brother seems to be having difficulty running the family business.



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Fuck For Forest (Hot Docs Movie)

Hot Doc's is showing a film called Fuck For Forest. The movie is about a non profit ecological activist group started in Norway and founded to raise money for the world's rainforests by producing ethically made, environmentally conscious porn.

Founded in 2004, they netted over $100,000 in their first year through paid memberships to their website. They even managed to get seed money from the Norway government to start the website!



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Toronto second best city for Sugardaddys (and Sugarbabies too).

A study by SeekingArrangements.com has concluded that Toronto is the second best Canadian city to find a Sugardaddy (or Sugarbabie's), topped only by Vancouver.

For those of you who aren't aware, Sugardaddy's are older gentlemen who are willing to pamper, of financially support a younger woman in exchange for time and attention (usually including sex).

While it can seem at lot like prostitution, these arrangements usually carry on over a longer period of time, with the gentlemen usually paying for an apartment, a living expense, shopping money, and maybe even cars, in exchange for the woman's attention and being available for the man when needed.



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Employment Opportunity in Vancouver.

Vancouver is trying to steal all of our precious hookers! ;)

Here's is a great story: A Vancouver based escort agency is advertising in Toronto's Now weekly, looking to attract sex workers to fly out to Vancouver for a week at a time.

The Fox Den is paying $200.00 an hour plus tips, with daily sales reportedly up to $2000.00.

I'm not sure why Vancouver would be advertising this far out.... maybe the guys are coming across from Alberta with all that Oil sands money?



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St Patricks day at For Your Eyes OnlySt. Patrick's day celebration at For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is hosting a St. Patrick's day celebration, Saturday March 16th, 2013.

I'm not exactly sure what a St. Patrick's day celebration would look like in a strip club, but I'm assuming there will be a lot of green




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Aren't We Naughty Store owner Vindicated.

So apparently the city of Toronto was going after the owner of a Aren't we Naughty store for opening it on a stretch of the Queensway which was designated as a 'no adult service' area. (Kipling to Park Lawn Ave)

I think they are trying to keep it over run by massage parlours and strip clubs, but this seems like it's going too far. In fact, the councilor who decided to start the action openly admitted to the defendant and his lawyer that he knew they would loose the case, but wanted to fight it on principle. For his principles, the judge ordered the city to pay the store owner $15,000.



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Dwarf Toss at WhiskeyDwarf Tossing competition at Whiskey A Go-Go Part II

Looks like Whiskey is bringing back Tripod the Dwarf for another round of Dwarf tossing on March 21, 2013.

Standing 4'6", and 95 Lbs, Tripod can't be the easiest thing to heave across the room. Any idea's what he might be dressed up as this time? (so far, it's Pappa Smurf, Superman and a large baby.)



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Oil Wrestling at House of Lancaster

Oil Wrestling at House Of LancasterHouse of Lancaster is hosting oil wresting nights on Thursdays.

If the picture of their ad is any indication, I'm definitely a fan!

Now if they would just let me wrestle the girls, I would be a happy guy ;)




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No more work permits for workers linked to sex trade

Canada's immigration minister Jason Kennedy has announced that Canada will no longer accept temporary foreign working visas from strip clubs, escort agencies or body rub parlous.

It is the federal governments latest attempt to combat Human trafficking. Young women are lured from poorer countries with the promise of well paying jobs, only to find they are not here to nanny or strip, but sold into sexual slavery.



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