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Mistress Morgan Thorne

Baroness V

Allure Massage

Twice now I have driven around to take pictures of the different exteriors of Massage parlours and stopped at Allure, only to bypass it. The outside of Allure massage is not very photogenic... The parlour is located right at the entrance to the plaza, and is covered by an overhang.

Allure Massage Parlour Waiting RoomI always feel like someone is going to show up and kick my ass for taking pictures, and this was worse than normal.

Both times I skipped it, and both times I wanted to kick myself in the butt when I got back home and looked it up online.

Allure is stunning inside. It kind of reminds me of some high class gentlemen's smoking club, from Britain, with large warm leather seats, dark wood floors, and a feeling of class and luxury throughout.


Allure Massage Spa InsideLet's face it. All of these places offer pretty much the same service... and it's one we can take care of ourselves for free at home if we wanted. So it's the ambiance, and the girls that make all the difference.


Luckily the girls at Allure are as great as they setting. Yes they are stunningly beautiful, but it's the promotions that Allure offers that really set it apart in my mind. My favorite is Fantasy Week:


Fantasy Week

Where you can get your massage attendant to dress up as a French Maid, School Girl, Dominatrix or Naughty Nurse.



Allure Massage

392 Gilbraltar Drive unit #3
Mississauga ON
(905) 670-3162


Past Specials:

Daisey Dukes

Every Tuesday and Thrusday you can check out the girls of Allure wearing cut-off jean shorts and stilettos! Whether you are like me and loved the origional Catherine Bach as Daisey, or the newer Jessica Simpson, you will know how these shorts can get the blood pumping....



Allure School Girls


Halloween Promom at Allure


Christmas promo at Allure