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Mistress Morgan Thorne

Toronto Gay Pride Parade

The Toronto Pride festival is a ten day event held in Toronto, and is one of the largest organized gay pride festivals in the world.

While the festival has a large Dyke March as well as a less well known Trans March it is most known for it's Pride Parade which is celebrating it's 32nd year in 2012. Under it's current name it initially started over the 1981 bathhouse raids by police. (it's funny that police are now marching in the parade they caused)

The parade has a very laid back fun feeling to it. Everyone is there to have a good time, and I have never seen a fight break out, or people falling down drunk or stoned. The parade is accepting of pretty much every kink or fetish.

So far, I have seen people interested in: Animal Play, Leather Fetishes, PVC Fetishes, Cross Dressing, Shemales, Bears (big hairy gay guys), and public nudity.

While there is lots of nudity I must admit the penis to boob ratio is not slanted the way I would like it to be. ALTHOUGH I guess there are some hot girls with boobs and a penis that even the average out ;)

Being a straight guy who hits the parade every year (and indeed looks forward to it), I never stick around for the after parties.

HINT - There are not a lot of public toilets during the parade, so try to control any drinking until later in the evening.


Pride Week

10 day event at the end of June.


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